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3lue Ghost Collection LE, Shift, grey, L

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 Limited Edition | Haunted is a reflection of our brand. We adhere to no set identity, and this is represented in the collection's smoke and mirrors aesthetic. The reflective silver trims contrast against tonal greys creating something truly unique, yet timeless. It's a simple take on tough looking gear - the art is in its simplicity. Now available in our premier 3LUE Label racewear. The 3LUE (Blue) Label Haunted Jersey is designed specifically for the fastest riders in the world, we cut zero corners on the way to making the most flexible, most durable, most badass looking gearset you have ever seen. It has a streamlined, athletic fit and an innovative RAW wrist opening to reduce drag and restriction. This refined design paired with a 4-way stretch upper torso and sleeves creates a jersey which virtually disappears while you're on the bike. For moisture management, the jersey features TruDri fibers and lightweight, perforated sleeves, so you stay cool, dry and comfortable all day long.

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